Trail to 100

The Sounds of a 100 Mile Race w/Ryan Head | S4E39

October 10, 2023 Jacob and Melody Bateman Season 4 Episode 39
Trail to 100
The Sounds of a 100 Mile Race w/Ryan Head | S4E39
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Show Notes

A podcast episode recorded DURING Ryan's First 100 mile race! This episode spotlights the raw the emotional footage of a 100 mile race in the moments right when they happen. Listen to the audio clips taken throughout the race and experience the highs and lows of the Wasatch 100 with Ryan Head.

Ryan had the goal to run the Wasatch 100 for the past 6 years and finally achieved his dream. After DNFing his first 100 attempt he changed his training style and buckled down to make sure he could defeat the 100 mile distance. Join in his journey here!

Ryan's Wasatch 100 race recap

Ryan's first episode:

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